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Saturday, 9-May-2009 12:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Trip to 京都 and 大阪 (Kyoto and Osaka) Part 1

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This is the latest trip I went for my Golden Week. There were a lot of things happening during my Golden Week and hopefully I have the time to put all the pictures here.

So as the pictures shown, my first day of the trip is around Kyoto which is known as the imperial city in Japan. I don't remember much about the history but the city is full of old temple and castle despite the modern city itself.

I never knew that going around Kyoto is quite complicated. The main transport around Kyoto is bus and train but using bus is better since there is a 500yen ticket around the city and we can use it to go everywhere around the tourist spot for a day. But I guess a day is not enough for all the interesting place to visit.

One of them is 金閣寺(Kinkakuji) which is the Golden Temple. The weather is quite cloudy but the shine and the glow of the temple can still attract everyone.

Saturday, 11-Apr-2009 17:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Aiskrim di Ladang....(Tribute to Kak Bee)

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As the title above,the pictures here were taken by Kak Bee's Canon Kiss X2 since I have problem with my lens.. So sad actually that I have to stop taking pictures for this few days.

After we had BBQ and hanami (watching flowers), we decide to go eat ice cream somewhere which I don't even remember the name of the place but its actually 'LADANG' where there are cows,goats,rabbit and even PIGS...!!!!

The scenery was very beautiful and the ice cream was superb, Like advertisement said 'SEGAR DARI LADANG....'

Saturday, 11-Apr-2009 10:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
2009...The Unforgettable 花見

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Hanami...The main event to watch the beauty of Sakura and also as to introduce the new comer here. WELCOME TO HIROSHIMA....

Every year, there is an event which is called HANAMI which in direct translation is watching flower. Specifically it is an event where we watch sakura while eating and enjoying ourselves with everyone. And as Malaysian in Hiroshima, this is a must participate event to create a better relationship among us and to enjoy the beautiful scenery of sakura after the harsh of winter.

2009 Student in Hiroshima...

stand up straight everyone...

Everyone is enjoying themselves......

And they really do..See the happiness and the enjoyment they have with all the attempted jump

not to forget....the pres,the junior...all of us...we are one


Kak Bee and the Bujangs+bujang sementara

And lastly....the relationship that we hold together.......

Friday, 10-Apr-2009 21:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sakura Night View

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Its nearly the end season for sakura to bloom and I think it might worth a try to capture some night view of Sakura since almost every picture taken were at noon. I would like to show that its beauty can still be seen during night.

I did bring my tripod with me since its almost impossible to take pictures with slow shutter speed while hands shaking out of coldness.
And all the pictures somehow have a different lighting. All the pictures shown here are not edited, but the difference in lighting is because I'm a beginner in trying to take night pictures and I often change the aperture and shutter speed to test how the result will look like. Controlling aperture and shutter speed manually are actually quite hard.

And thanks to the full moon for giving me enough light and better scenery to take all the pictures.

Full moon and Sakura...A nice combination...

Friday, 3-Apr-2009 11:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
2009 入学式 (University Entrance Ceremony 2009)

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When I realize, it has already been 2years that I've come here and now I'm a third year student bringing my junior to the university entrance ceremony.

Well I don't know if the juniors were happy or not but it does feel kinda nostalgic coming to this event again.

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